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My wife and I spent most the the afternoon and evening at the mosque yesterday. I won’t name the mosque, but let’s just say that it’s the largest one north of New York. We spent our time visiting friends, people watching, praying, reflecting and making a few phone calls (no, not to the FBI).

The whole feel of the community has changed drastically over the past couple of years. It billed itself as the “moderate” choice of muslims in the Greater Boston area. The feel now is of tension and pressure. People afraid to speak to loudly, or to someone they don’t know for fear, not so much of the federal government, but of the governing administration here at the  mosque.

Case in point, after the evening prayer (Isha), a lady took her Shahadah (public acceptance and affirmation of Islam). Alhamdulillah(All praise to God). From the  beginning the “brother” (who I had never seen before), kept motioning for her to kneel, or stay kneeling during the process (most stand, or are seated), kneeling for a long period of time is difficult for some new muslims,” But as for him who has faith and acts rightly, he will receive the best of rewards, and We will issue a command, making things easy for him. (Surat al-Kahf: 88)”

The new Shahadat has probably yet to learn how to pray in Islam, Allah tells us how in the Quran as well. Hopefully by the emotionless Shahada I witness. I pray to God/Allah that this new Sister doesn’t bolt from Islam like many new converts do because of something a muslim did, or didn’t do to make it easy for her.

Forgive me O Lord if I misread this situation, for my sins are those of an imperfect man. Amin

Abd Khaliq

Amerislam (c)


Unreported Terrorist Massacre in Idlib: 40000 Civilians under siege in Northern Idlib, Syria

The Wall Will Fall

save kafarya

save kafya

Yesterday, a massacre was committed in northern Syria with more than 22 martyrs and tens of wounded, and hasn’t made it to the headlines in any western or Arabic media platform.

The two villages” Kafarya &foua”  have been under siege since the beginning of the crisis, more than four years ago, preserving one safe-access road, which kept life ongoing in the villages, whilst barely permitting residents to leave the villages.

More than four months ago, and when the Syrian Army lost Idlib to the Terrorists and withdrew from its bases in the province, the villages fell under a complete siege from Jabhat Al-Nusra and its allies on 23/3/2015.

138 days of siege, with no water, electricity, communications, or medical & food supplies. And while the terrorists carry out almost daily rocket attacks against the residents, leaving dozens of martyrs and wounded, the injured are often left without any medical treatment.

During the…

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Enough of the Gay Marriage Monster!

Astaghfirullah, O Lord forgive me for my opinions, forgive us all for our opinions on everything that really doesn’t connect on how to achieve Janna’ah!

So what if the supreme court approved gay marriage! That isn’t going to effect anyone that isn’t gay. It isn’t going to start a rainbow revolution that is going to takeover the world. This isn’t going to explode the gay population to astronomical proportions, it isn’t going to mean you have to change sexual preference to get married, it isn’t even going to mean you have like or associate with gay people. Really.

The only thing this changes is the choice whether two adults, that happen to be gay can be legally married, just like every heterosexual person in the US today.

What this does mean is that the United States Supreme Court needs to deal with the OTHER priority, like how to keep police and law enforcement from killing black people. Personally I’m a whole lot more worried about the militarization of police, and the willingness of the police to use and abuse these “new-found cop toys”. The police complain about assault rifles and high power weapons, why do small town, or any size police dept need a tank for? I thought that is why we have the Army and the National Guard?

My bet is the government is dealing with the “gay debacle” (not) a whole lot better than it is in managing the right of Americans (which really does include African-Americans, Indigenous Americans, Latino Americans, etc.). One less billion dollar day in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, competing against Putin (no we aren’t competing against Russia), or China and on and on. Two days of the Pentagon closing (figuratively speaking) would pay for the education, including graduate school for all in the US, even including the Indigenous Illegals from Mexico. It would eradicate poverty in much of the world, even taking into account the world corruption involved in this task.

Looking at all of the work that has to be done for the rights and freedoms for all who deserves them really leaves me drained of any energy to holler at gays for wanting to be legally happy.

We need to spend more time reflecting on our own imperfections and prejudices than worrying about anyone other than your self going to heaven or hell.

Forgive me O Lord my impatience with stupid, I will try, Insha’Allah.

Abdul Khaliq Ainsworth