Ongoing Christology



There are fewer things more exciting than to read the Beatitudes in Matthew. Even as a young child I remember being breathless at the recitation of them, imagining The Christ speaking to a large gathering, with rapt attention paid to this new bold, yet humble Rabbi. One who is insistent on the truth and the fulfillment of God’s words through previous prophets and messengers (rasul’s).

Mark’s author has revealed in simple, but effective style leading to Jesus Ministry in Galilee. Little, in my study was spent on the peripherals of The Christ experience in the opening chapter of Mark, but has more than adequately produced a background of righteousness and compassion regarding the characteristics of Esa Alaihi wa Salam.

A difficult mystery, for me anyway is deciphering Luke 9:27 as talking to the 12.”But truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Contextually, it may be referring to his own predicted demise, but I lose the meaning somewhat with the “some standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”….

Initially reading the Gospel of Thomas, as well as the Hebrews and the Ebbionites I believed that they may have been a “dry run” for the traditional synoptic or similar gospels. Further review, and a revelation later now understanding that the early Christian writings were sectarian to a degree, perhaps relaying a preference for vegetarianism, or punishment for animal sacrifice, etc.

SubhanAllah, in deference to Dale Allison’s scholarship, reconstruction of the Jesus of history, and of religion is a bit more than accusations of hyperbole, lack of multiple attestations (i.e. Mark 9:43-48). Except for an obscure text in a Babylonian Talmud, which in my religion is more tafsir (understanding/explanation) than actual scripture.

While granted the line between biblical fiction and nonfiction can be blurry, or at times nonexistent. Then a demography of known truths and mistruths about the life of the Christ be established that would categorize information as acquired and sourced. Establishing criteria for what was acceptable, even as recently as five years ago needs to evolve prior placing script in an attestable, or unacceptable vehicle.


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