more of the same

I hate going on long rants, but the actions of our representatives in congress never fail to amaze, amuse and anger me.
The big thing lately for congress has been President Obama shaming, or trying to. Yet I believe the only ones they bite in the ass is themselves.
Case in point, Congress has passed a bill to let victims of “terrorism” the right to sue Saudi Arabia and Iran. Without going into major detail what has these two countries done, that USA hasn’t surpassed. Immediately after 9/11 we attacked Afghanistan. Fifteen years later we are still there killing people that have never really been a threat to us so many thousands of miles away. In fact initially the Taliban (remember it was Al Qaeda we were after) was willing to cooperate with us, but we needed to “mark” our turf.
Iraq, weapons of mass destruction was the reason. never showed up, but we sure did kill a bunch of people that had nothing to do with it, except to utilize our weapons of mass destruction. Between these two simultaneous wars we caused thousands of young American deaths. Not to mention all of the lives here in the US affected. Yet no one wants to sue Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld.
Now, what if the families of the millions of the dead, injured and disaffected in Iraq and Afghanistan wanted to sue the US? I mean damn, the US hasn’t even resolved the way African Americans were treated during the slavery, as well as and up to including today (May the Lord have mercy on the Freddie Gray’s, Eric Garner’s, and Trayvon’s).
Is the US Government going to accept the facts that they have been the cause, or the catalyst of numerous wars causing millions of lives to be lost or ruined. Neither will they accept responsibility for not taking action when warranted(i.e. Rwanda, Srebrinica). Certainly they wont. Neither do I see any change in the war policy if either Trump, or Clinton get elected……………………..Astaghfirullah.


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