Are you are what I am you are?

I was recently reminded of an excerpt from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám:
A religious man said to a whore, ‘You’re drunk, caught every moment in a different snare.’ She replied, ‘Oh Shaikh, I am what you say, are you what you seem??

Now this is not going to be one of those beware of drink and fornication talks. We know what we need to do in that case,

What we often forget how to do it seems, is to completely forget our own vices or issues and prepare to label those that are deemed “beneath us”.

Who exactly would that be? The ones that are deemed beneath us. Culturally, at least here in the US, to those born  here  everyone is “beneath”. Except of course African Americans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Indigenous (native) Americans, Muslim Americans (black, white, yellow, red, etc.).

That would leave basically only white American Christians…..Alhamdulillah.

I was reading about how the Kurds were engaging the Islamic State terrorists and overheard the comment “That’s the way to kick those Muslim’s backside”.  Heaven forbid when I say Kurds are Muslims too. White Christian response, all those f—kers should die. Astaghfirullah.

This, I hate to say is another product of 911, not so much the act itself, but the response of the US Government (I.e. the Patriot Act) in removing some basic liberties that  all Americans took for granted and were guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.

The after math of 911 brought an uber militarization of all urban, and a large percentage of suburban and rural police agencies. The result of which has led to the growth of “exceptionalism” in the United States and parts of Western Europe. This is the quintessential, “no matter how dumb I am, I and my country are better than you any old day”…Why would this be, well first and foremost, “we got the guns”..

Followed by of course, you rags had your chance. We took what you had, cause we had bigger guns and God is on our side. Just ask the Native Americans, they know…………

Now I need to pause here, because im not sure if this is going to be a civil rights exercise, or religious freedom, or perhaps a self righteous sermon. Meh, let’s see where it takes us. Insha’Allah……….Okay, okay we are still with the Islamic subject line.


Ongoing Christology



There are fewer things more exciting than to read the Beatitudes in Matthew. Even as a young child I remember being breathless at the recitation of them, imagining The Christ speaking to a large gathering, with rapt attention paid to this new bold, yet humble Rabbi. One who is insistent on the truth and the fulfillment of God’s words through previous prophets and messengers (rasul’s).

Mark’s author has revealed in simple, but effective style leading to Jesus Ministry in Galilee. Little, in my study was spent on the peripherals of The Christ experience in the opening chapter of Mark, but has more than adequately produced a background of righteousness and compassion regarding the characteristics of Esa Alaihi wa Salam.

A difficult mystery, for me anyway is deciphering Luke 9:27 as talking to the 12.”But truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Contextually, it may be referring to his own predicted demise, but I lose the meaning somewhat with the “some standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”….

Initially reading the Gospel of Thomas, as well as the Hebrews and the Ebbionites I believed that they may have been a “dry run” for the traditional synoptic or similar gospels. Further review, and a revelation later now understanding that the early Christian writings were sectarian to a degree, perhaps relaying a preference for vegetarianism, or punishment for animal sacrifice, etc.

SubhanAllah, in deference to Dale Allison’s scholarship, reconstruction of the Jesus of history, and of religion is a bit more than accusations of hyperbole, lack of multiple attestations (i.e. Mark 9:43-48). Except for an obscure text in a Babylonian Talmud, which in my religion is more tafsir (understanding/explanation) than actual scripture.

While granted the line between biblical fiction and nonfiction can be blurry, or at times nonexistent. Then a demography of known truths and mistruths about the life of the Christ be established that would categorize information as acquired and sourced. Establishing criteria for what was acceptable, even as recently as five years ago needs to evolve prior placing script in an attestable, or unacceptable vehicle.

more of the same

I hate going on long rants, but the actions of our representatives in congress never fail to amaze, amuse and anger me.
The big thing lately for congress has been President Obama shaming, or trying to. Yet I believe the only ones they bite in the ass is themselves.
Case in point, Congress has passed a bill to let victims of “terrorism” the right to sue Saudi Arabia and Iran. Without going into major detail what has these two countries done, that USA hasn’t surpassed. Immediately after 9/11 we attacked Afghanistan. Fifteen years later we are still there killing people that have never really been a threat to us so many thousands of miles away. In fact initially the Taliban (remember it was Al Qaeda we were after) was willing to cooperate with us, but we needed to “mark” our turf.
Iraq, weapons of mass destruction was the reason. never showed up, but we sure did kill a bunch of people that had nothing to do with it, except to utilize our weapons of mass destruction. Between these two simultaneous wars we caused thousands of young American deaths. Not to mention all of the lives here in the US affected. Yet no one wants to sue Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld.
Now, what if the families of the millions of the dead, injured and disaffected in Iraq and Afghanistan wanted to sue the US? I mean damn, the US hasn’t even resolved the way African Americans were treated during the slavery, as well as and up to including today (May the Lord have mercy on the Freddie Gray’s, Eric Garner’s, and Trayvon’s).
Is the US Government going to accept the facts that they have been the cause, or the catalyst of numerous wars causing millions of lives to be lost or ruined. Neither will they accept responsibility for not taking action when warranted(i.e. Rwanda, Srebrinica). Certainly they wont. Neither do I see any change in the war policy if either Trump, or Clinton get elected……………………..Astaghfirullah.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


While refraining from aligning The Christ in any category, categorizing would simply seem to defile not only the origin of Jesus, but his divine role, as well as his historical mission. While maintaining this isolative stature with Jesus Christ, I at the same time cannot avoid comparison with the Prophet Muhammad saws. This is especially true in the years since the death of both. The veneration of Christ, which ultimately turned to worship as well as the respect for the Prophet Muhammad, which in some way has turned to perhaps a higher version of veneration, yet not being able, by Muslims to be considered worship, worship being reserved for the One God. This being said, Gnosticism, at least contextually here can apply to any of the three monotheistic religions in its veneration of the Batin, or inner knowledge of Christ, Muhammad or for that matter God.

As argued or described in The Politics of Jesus: The Disciple of Christ and the Way of Jesus, that we often find “ourselves” willing to raise self to the level of The Lord, Jesus yet stay just shy of maintaining God-like status. For instance, though a disciple of Christ, Paul is often referred to as an Apostle, a status reserved for the twelve selected by Jesus. In this respect, Paul has been seen by many as kidnapping or hijacking the New Testament. Though I do not believe this was his intent.

Human beings indeed, specifically some Christian sects believe that they are indeed made in the image and likeness of God. In 1John 1:5-7 God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, then we share together a common life…

We find in Luke 6:32-36 that, if you love only those who love you, what credit is that to you…. But you must love our enemies, and do good and lend without expecting return: you will be children of the Most High for he himself is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate.

Similarly, in Matthew 543-48 to Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors; only so can you be children of your heavenly Father, who makes the sun rise on good and bad alike and sends the rain on the honest and dishonest. You must therefore be all goodness, just as your heavenly Father is all good.

Though perhaps semantically, there is a difference between John and Luke/Matthew portraying humans that can achieve a demi god or God like status in zahir, or outside behavior.  The Gnostics at this point may have had a better insight to the allegorical, or perhaps mystical vision of God’s spiritual relationship with not only Jesus, but the other prophets as well.

Realistically, God like status or walking in the light as God is the light is a goal that cannot be reached, no matter what sect, preacher, imam or priest tells you. We are, who we are. Perfectly imperfect and incapable of being God. I dare say that this would pertain as well to Jesus in the flesh.

While researching it has become increasingly apparent to me that there is a Sunnah of Esa, or Jesus.

There is a Sunnah/Sunnat of every prophet. Allah Subhana wa ta’ala as well, has the original Sunnah. These simply meaning a tradition of practice, a way of life we can expect from. Jesus however, was or is the most unpredictable. Perhaps he being the only one knowing what was expected of him up to and including his death. That is where the traditions of Christ changed between the orthodox and the gnostic. Needing to present the Jesus that I/we want, versus the Jesus that was, versus the Jesus that will be is beyond the ability of most, if not all. At this point the traditions need to follow the concept of the author, as opposed to God. Truly, the information gleaned from the gnostic gospels, the recovered scripture and the known scripture (Holy Bible) should be enough to truly resolve the mystery, yet is it want to be solved.